Guest Information

Dress Code
Proper Attire
Proper sports/casual attire is required in the Informal Lounge and Main Dining Room at all times. Proper sports attire would include:

For Gentlemen:

Golf and tennis style shirts with collars, golf and tennis shorts, and business-casual wear.

For Women:
Tennis skirts, blouses, slacks, dresses, cowl neck shirts, and long sleeve sweat shirts when worn over a collared shirt are permissible.
  • Dress jeans will be permitted in all areas of the Clubhouse.
  • Hats, caps or visors (men)
  •  Sleeveless shirts (men)
  • Tank tops 
  • Cutoff pants of any kind
  • Swimming Attire (except pool area and locker rooms)
  •  Ripped, torn, or worn-thin clothing
  • Tee shirts 
  • Sweat suits (warm-up suits are permissible)
There will be no tipping in any department.

Smoking is prohibited inside the Clubhouse.

Cell Phone Use On The Golf Course

The goal of golf course etiquette is to maximize the enjoyment of the game, not only for our playing companions, but for all those on the golf course.  To that end we ask that all cell phone use be brief, unobtrusive and silent. 

With regard to music, if it can be heard outside the immediate vicinity of the golf cart or golf bag (if you walk and carry), it is a violation of basic course etiquette.  Caddies are not allowed to participate in playing music on the golf course.  

Cell Phone Use In The Clubhouse
The Cell Phone policy of the club is that no calls are to be placed or taken while in any room in use by members and guests for the purpose of consumption of food and/or beverage, with the exception of the locker rooms. If a call is received, you are to seek a less public area to handle your phone call.

The above policy needs some practical clarification. First, if you come into the clubhouse with your phone, please turn it to silent or vibrate mode. Second, if you do receive a call, please exit whatever room you are in and seek a less public area to take the call. This would suggest that you go outside to take the call (weather permitting) or go to the reception area above the stairs leading to the Men’s and Ladies’ locker rooms. If you are in the Ballroom or rooms close thereto, take the call just outside the men’s and ladies restrooms next to #1 Tee. If you are outside on the patio, consider walking over to the side of the patio away from others enjoying the patio. If you are at the pool, use your best judgment knowing that fellow pool-goers likely have no interest in your conversation.

If you are on the golf range and receive a call, please walk toward the parking lot so as not to disturb others who are hitting balls. We realize some members are “on call” and must take the call. However, we ask that you merely proceed to the parking lot with your conversation.

We understand texting is here to stay and while we do not have a specific policy on this yet, common sense must prevail. Based upon House Committee input, texting should be limited in the clubhouse. Small children (age 5 and below) sometimes play games on the phone (in silent mode) while parents enjoy dinner and we understand that. However, we would ask that older children and adults not text while in the clubhouse.

Guest Policy

There is no limit to the number of guests a Member may bring to the Club for meals or social functions unless notice of such events specifies a limitation.

Any Member introducing a guest shall be responsible to the Club for the conduct and liabilities of the guest to the Club, Club employees, or Members of the Club.v
Members, guests and visitors who destroy or damage Club property will be charged for such damage and destruction as the Board of Directors orders.

The Omaha Country Club has a policy to limit guest usage of golf facilities to a maximum of five times each year, special events excluded. This rule will be strictly enforced. The same guest, with a Member, can use the clubhouse facilities an unlimited number of times. Please help us to enforce this rule. We do not wish to embarrass anyone. Section 5. (of the Bylaws) Use of Club by Families of Members. As an incident of Membership, the use and enjoyment of the grounds and facilities of the Club by families of Members shall be allowed by the following family members but are subject to all rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Directors: Spouse and unmarried dependent children living at the Member's home as long as they are dependents according to the IRS, (Sec. 152 (a) (1) or (2)), and under 25 years of age.